Earthkeepers foundation  hosts accomplished teachers and healers for special events,
workshops, and healing sessions. We hope you will join us...
great condor healer
Doña Isabel Chinguel, the famous
curandera (healer) from the North
Coast of Peru
Earthkeepers Foundation
Yachak Shaman Don Jorge Tamayo and
Earthkeepers Foundation founder
Kathryn Flynn Michaels
Don Francisco, mayor of the Q'ero and
Kathryn Flynn Michaels
Don Martin, great Condor shaman with Kathryn Flynn MIchaels,
Earthkeepers Foundation Founder during the April 2008
workshops in the Mystic, Ct. area
The famous curandera healers during their U.S.A tour with
Earthkeepers foundation, in the Mystic, Ct. area. Shown here from
left to right, Doña Olinda, Kathryn Flynn MIchales, and Doña
Taoist Master Shaman  Brian Osborne, L.Ac.
& Kathryn Flynn MIchaels
Brian's Workshop on Destiny Retrieval at the
Mystic Hilton
Brian at the workshop at the Mystic Hilton
Brian in action at the amazing workshop he gave in April